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TEDXTucson Scores with Arizona Science of Baseball.

Arizona Science of Baseball

On the TEDxTucson stage this Sunday will be Ricardo Valerdi.

"To fully explain what Arizona Science of Baseball is, the first mention must go to Ricardo Valerdi, Associate Professor in Systems and Industrial Engineering at University of Arizona.

So, imagine telling a middle-schooler that they will have a chance to step onto a Major League Baseball field. Many will instantly start imagining the smell of the fresh-cut grass, the heat of the sun on their skin, and the feel of the stitched baseball lying dormant in their hand.
Now, thanks to the Arizona Science of Baseball Program, children in Arizona are getting a Major League learning experience.
Arizona Science of Baseball Program

“In order to help students improve their math skills we are laser focused on teaching them topics that they will be tested on in standardized tests. Topics such as ratios, equations, geometry, and statistics drive the content of our curriculum.” As for the second part of the mixture…well, it’s simple really. Valerdi describes the second source as “baseball topics that are fun and engaging”: “Counting balls and strikes is not fun. But launching baseballs with a water balloon launcher over the outfield wall is super fun.”"--From the TEDXTucson Facebook

TEDxTucson Presents... Point of Impact
Sunday, December 7, 2014 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM (MST)
Tucson, AZ

Homecoming Reception and Lab Tours

Wilbur and Wilma
Welcome back Wildcats!
We are excited for Homecoming Weekend when the
UA Wildcats take on the Colorado Buffaloes this Saturday.
Many of you are coming back home and we would love to see you!

The Systems and Industrial Engineering is hosting a reception
in the lobby of the Engineering Building  Friday, November 7th at 10:30am.
Then, we will have guided tours of our labs.
11:00~11:15: Reliability lab (Haitao Liao’s lab)
11:15~11:30: CIMS lab (Young-Jun Son’s lab)
11:30~11:45: Baseball science (systems engineering) lab (Ricardo Valerdi’s lab)
11:45~noon: Traffic management lab (Larry Head’s lab)

We hope to see you!
Beat the Buffaloes!

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How High Tech Will Reduce Driving Accidents

Larry on FOX

Great article on FOX News on
Professor Larry Head and his team of PhD students
developing various ‘connected’ technologies.

Be sure to click on this link to get all the details.

CEEM and SIE Faculty Converge on VASTO Traffic Project


"CEEM and SIE Faculty Converge on VASTO Traffic Project
Yi-Chang Chiu, of the Department of Civil Engineering, is collaborating with Young Jun Son and Larry Head, of Systems and Industrial Engineering, on a project called VASTO, which stands for Evolutionary Agent System for Transportation Outlook. The project involves the development of a computationally efficient simulation-based traffic analysis modeling system that promises to revolutionize the future of traffic analysis."

Read more about the VASTO Project here.

Arizona Science of Baseball is a Huge Hit!

Arizona Science of Baseball
Ricardo Valerdi's Arizona Science of Baseball is a huge hit!
Arizona Science of Baseball started with 15 students.
Now, over 14,000 Arizona students participated on one day.
Ricardo Valerdi's Science of Baseball is sweeping the US
(and starting in Australia and Europe)
Expanding to football and soccer too!

Read more about this cool program here


Professor Larry Head and his team were on KGUN 9 discussing their connect vehicle technology.

"With Cadillac expected to debut their first "connected car" in the next few years, the future of driving is here. And, like anything tech-related, work is already underway to take that technology to the next level. This time, that work is happening in Tucson.

University of Arizona researchers are currently testing connected vehicle technology with surrounding infrastructure. Connected vehicle technology enables cars to send out super fast location information -- approximately 10 times a second -- to other equipped cars. Their research and real world application links the new technology to traffic lights, transit systems, emergency vehicles -- even pedestrians. "

to read the rest of the article by Cory Marshall KGUN 9
click here


ITS big win 2014


SIE brings home the big prize at
ITS Arizona Conference for the fourth year in a row!
Best Student Research Award in
21st ITS Arizona Conference for this paper:
" A Simulation Platform for Test and Evaluation of Signal Control Applications in a Connected Vehicle Environment"
Mehdi Zamanipour, Yiheng Feng, Shayan Khoshmagham


Sojung Kim Wins 2nd Place

Sojung Kim
Sojung Kim, a doctoral student of the UA SIE supervised by Dr. Son, has received the
2nd place award in the doctoral colloquium scientific poster competition
at the IIE Annual Meeting 2014 in Montreal, Canada for his work, entitled
“Dynamic Learning and Human Interactions under the Extend BDI Framework for Transportation Systems”.
The doctoral colloquium and poster competition are sponsored by
Council of Industrial Engineering Academic Department Heads (CIEADH). 
Former doctoral students in Dr. Son’s lab have received the same award in 2008 as well as 2009.

SOARizona Systems Engineering Scholarship $1000 Towards Professional Development

SOARizona (Southern Arizona INCOSE Chapter)
SOARizona Systems Engineering Scholarship
$1000 towards professional development

The Southern Arizona chapter of the INternational Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
and University of Arizona Systems & Industrial Engineering Department are holding a graduate
level systems engineering competition. Any graduate student from any UA department who has
begun their thesis or report work is qualified to enter, understanding that the papers are
focused on applying systems engineering methods to solve a real business problem. The
competition is open on Sep 26, 2014 and will close on Oct 31, 2014 or when the first twenty
qualified entries are received. There will be one submission per student. The panel, consisting
of experienced practitioners at the systems engineering discipline, will score submissions based
on criteria below and the SOARizona board will have final authority on the winning submission.
The papers will be submitted with a password to protect your intellectual property, with
agreement from the panel to protect it as such. While there is no exact template or page count,
clear communication in a concise fashion is critical in the business world. Criteria will include:
*Clear communication and originality on solving a real business problem
* Demonstrated use of graduate system engineering methods
* Descriptive application of broad systems context and interface understanding

The scholarship will be provided as a combination of recognition through the SIE Department
and the SOARizona site, along with payment or reimbursement of professional system
engineering expenses up to $1,000. These expenses could include symposium registration fees,
travel and lodging expenses at event, professional membership fees, or publication and
presentation costs for the submitted project.

Selection Panel:
* SOARizona Chapter board members (two out of active board)
* U of A SIE Dept. faculty members (two out of tenured or tenure track faculty)
* Commercial sector systems engineer (volunteer from INCOSE membership)

For specific submission instructions and any questions, contact the SOARizona Scholarship lead,
J. Bryan Lail, at We require a response with name, contact information
and intent to submit by Sep 22, 2014, when we will provide final instructions on entering.

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