Tzuyu (Jimmy) Lin


Educational Background

M.S. Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida, 2011.
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida, 2008.

Current Involvement

  • Systems Engineer at Science Processing and operations Center for OSIRIS-REx Mission.
  • Graduate researcher with Dr. Roberto Furfaro. Exploring low energy trajectory for cislunar and interplanetary flight.

Project History

  • 2011-2012 Optimal Round-Trip Trajectories for Short Duration Mars Missions Study at Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • 2008-2011 Communication Lead and Systems Engineer for CubeSat Mission (SwampSat) from University of Florida.

Conference Papers

  • Bailey, L., Folta, D., Barbee, B. W., Vaughn, F., Kirchman, F., Englander, J., Campbell, B., Thronson, H., Lin, T. Y., "A Lean, Fast Mars Round-trip Mission Architecture: Using Current Technologies for a Human Mission in the 2030s," Proceedings of the AIAA SPACE 2013 Conference & Exposition, San Diego, California, September 10-12, 2013.
  • Folta, D., Barbee, B. W., Englander, J., Vaughn, F., Lin, T. Y., "Optimal Round-Trip Trajectories for Short Duration Mars Missions," AAS/AIAA Paper AAS 13-808, AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialist Conference, Hilton Head, South Carolina, August 11-15, 2013 .
  • Asundi, S., Mahin, M., Nagabhushan, V., Lin, T., and Fitz-Coy, N. “Composite and PCB Based Implementations of a Solar Panel Design for SwampSat.” SmallSat Conference. ‘10.

University of Arizona College of Engineering