SIE Alumnus Uses IT to Better Public Health

Alan Quarry interviews SIE alumnus Michael Popovich

It pays to be flexible. SIE alumnus Michael Popovich started Scientific Technologies Corporation, or STC, in the late 1980s as an IT consulting firm developing telecommunications and computer networks.

In a video interview with AQ's Blog and Grill, Popovich – now CEO and a member of STC's board of directors – shares how a single request to build a custom immunization registry quickly shifted STC's focus toward public health.

Since then STC has created numerous technological innovations to support public health officials in their digital efforts to monitor and report on issues such as the use of vaccines, immunization records and disease outbreaks. 

As technology continues to transform the health industry, Popovich discusses what he believes will set IT firms apart and what role STC will play in the future.

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