Graduate Certificates

Systems Engineering Certificate Program

The SIE department offers a Professional Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering. The program offers valuable resources for any engineer responsible for the oversight, creation or operation of a complex system. It provides essential education for systems engineers, design engineers, lead engineers, total-life-cycle engineers, senior software systems engineers and project managers seeking to increase their professional knowledge and advance their careers. Through this program, students learn how to ensure that a system satisfies its requirements throughout the entire system life cycle.

All course work for this certificate can be earned by online learning.

Degree requirements include four courses (12 units of study), of which three are required and one is elective:

Required Courses:

Electives (choose one):

SIE 550 (3 units) SIE 530 (3 units)
SIE 554A (3 units)
SIE 540 (3 units)
SIE 531 (3 units)
SIE 564 (3 units)

SIE 654 (3 units)


  • A bachelor’s degree in mathematics, physics or engineering
  • Two years of professional experience beyond the undergraduate level

Students should apply to the certificate program before registering for classes. Once they are admitted to the program, other required UA admission forms and complete registration information are furnished.

Available Online?

Yes. Visit website

Engineering Management Certificate Program

The UA College of Engineering offers a Professional Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management. The program is intended for technical professionals who desire the knowledge and skills to effectively manage resources in technology-based organizations. Students develop an understanding of decision making theory and methodology, financial modeling and analysis and project management strategies. They learn to utilize modern software packages to efficiently and effectively manage human and material resources. Through this program, students enhance their opportunities to advance in their careers.

All course work for this certificate is available via online learning.

The Certificate in Engineering Management requires a minimum of 12 credit hours. The following three three-unit classes are required and the remaining three elective credits are selected with the approval of an adviser and the Graduate Study Committee.

Required Courses (nine credits):

  • SIE 567 Financial Modeling for Innovation
  • SIE 522 Engineering Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  • SIE 557 Project Management

The remaining three credits may be selected from one of the following courses:

  • SIE 506 Quality Engineering
  • SIE 515 Technical Sales & Marketing
  • SIE 531 Simulation Modeling and Analysis
  • SIE 540 Survey of Optimization Methods
  • SIE 564 Cost Estimation

Available Online?

Yes. Visit website

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