Advising Information

Be an informed consumer of your education!

Academic advising helps you understand and complete your major and/or minor degree requirements. It also helps you to develop goals in combination with your academic course of study. Advising is necessary to determine course and major tracking as well as registering for classes. We recommend you visit your adviser at least once per semester.

The University has established guidelines regarding academic policies and procedures, your rights and responsibilities, and your degree requirements. You are responsible for your own academic progress and need to become familiar with UA policies. Advisers are in the business of telling you what you need to know – which may not always be what you want to hear.

Academic Advisement Report

Academic advising can be done during a regular, scheduled appointment; by walk-in advising; and via email.

You'll need to have your academic advisement report with you when you arrive for advising. To download a copy of your report, log into the UAccess Student Center and follow these instructions (PDF). Please print the document and bring it when you see your adviser.

Academic Adviser

Danielle Embry
Undergraduate Adviser
Phone: 520.626.8181

Office Hours:
By appointment: Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Walk-ins: Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Make an appointment. 

Faculty Advisers

Engineering Management:
Bob Lepore, director of the Engineering Management Program

Systems and Industrial Engineering:
Larry Head, professor of systems and industrial engineering

Please note that technical electives for systems and industrial engineering students have to be approved by a faculty adviser.

Email Policy

You are responsible for all University information sent to you personally or over a listserv.

Remember: Read all UA email, especially messages from your academic adviser and Dean Baygents. The advantage of using your University email is that you can read/send messages through UA webmail from any browser providing secure connections. The most important reason for this policy is that we are able to verify through the University information system that an account truly belongs to you. This adds enhanced security for providing you with information and ensuring that email we receive actually originated from your password-protected account.

Letter Requests

If you need a letter written by the academic adviser, please email the specific details needed in the letter and allow 1-3 business days for it to be processed. For recommendation letters written by faculty members, allow 10 business days.

Degree Checks

Before you can graduate, an official degree check must be filed to state your intention. Graduates should complete a degree check two semesters prior to graduation.

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